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“I trust the company and because of that my family and friends have all used them.” Seamus MacInnes, Café Gandolfi

Every family is unique – so you need sound financial planning to help you attain your goals, enjoy your life and ensure the wealth you create is passed on to the next generation. Rarely is our advice focused on one member of a family – the implications have far reaching consequences. Our approach will assess all your assets and liabilities and enable us to create a truly personalised lifetime financial plan.


“I never really enjoyed my meetings with pensions advisers before meeting SAM” Jen Tan, Bioforce Ltd

Companies and partnerships have a lot in common with families. Our specialist advisers are normally engaged to advise the company directors or partners. We help steer the board or management team through complex legislation to allow them to concentrate on running the business. Legislation changes all the time and SAM are ready to interpret it and make it easy for you to understand and implement.

Professional partners

“The clients we recommend to SAM have all been successful and all stayed with them. Every single one.” Douglas Lamond, Kippen Campbell

We’ve built our business through close relationships with accountants and lawyers. At SAM we understand the everyday challenges facing your business and clients. We’re here to help you develop your business so that you can grow it confidently, knowing that you’re meeting your ethical and professional standards.

Douglas Lamond

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